Compression Therapy Boots

Compression Therapy Boots have arrived at Active Therapy Clinic. These are a great tool. They aid in muscle recovery, relieve muscle pain get the blood flowing they also help with mobility! 
compression boots

This treatment allows you to undergo a full lymphatic flush, increased circulation, faster healing, breaks down old tissue, perfect for pre/rehab, clears edema, mobilises fluid and metabolic wastes from the body.

Also you don’t have to be an Athlete or frequent gym goer to get benefits from using the Compression boots you simply might suffer with poor blood circulation or Restless leg syndrome or maybe your just tired from standing on your feet all day and need that extra boost!

A 30 minute session in the Air Compression Boots can leave your legs left my feeling lighter, more relaxed, less tender and more flexible. We can’t wait for you to make the most of this recovery system. To book phone us on 028 3834 1110.

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