Sports Clinic

Sports Clinic

Brand New for 2022 – Sports Clinic

We are very excited to introduce our Brand New Sports Clinic.  We have taken our passion for your, Rehabilitation, Recovery and Performance one step further, welcome to the Active Therapy Sports Clinic!

Our brand gym is equipped with everything needed for your physio rehabilitation and personal training needs. 

New services include one to one personal training, compression therapy, and coming soon cryotherapy bath, Bike Fit and Running Gait Analysis.

Personal Training in 1 to 1 environment within a private gym. Expert Coaching and Analysis. Weekly check-ins and program progression. Workout sessions planned to follow outside of sessions.
Pre-session body movement breakdown to identify any red flags or incorrect movement patterns.
Full individual nutritional plans are also available.

Compression Therapy Boots. These boots allow you to undergo a full lymphatic flush, increased circulation, faster healing, breaks down old tissue, perfect for pre/rehab, clears edema, mobilises fluid and metabolic wastes from the body.

You don’t have to be an Athlete or frequent gym goer to get benefits from using the Compression boots you may simply suffer with poor blood circulation or restless leg syndrome or maybe your just tired from standing on your feet all day and need that extra Boost!
Phone us on 028 3834 1110 or send us a message to book your Compression Boots Appointment Now.



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