Exclusive Autumn Massage Offer

We have launched an unmissable Offer for the Autumn Season, you can book a 30 Minute Sports or Relaxing Massage for only £25! Don’t Miss out, get booked in now!

Massage Therapy is not only relaxing but has many benefits to your health.

Many studies have linked massages to improved functioning of the immune system. In a study from 2010, massage was shown to improve production of white blood cells which fight against disease. The same study was repeated with a focus on how massage effects hormone levels and it showed that people who had a massage twice a week had decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol and more oxytocin, the trust hormone.

Massage greatly relieves sore muscles after physical exercise. Just 10 minutes of massage can reduce inflammation and help your body recover more quickly. Deep tissue massage has been found to help alleviate chronic lower back pain and studies have also found that frequent massages could decrease stiffness and pain and improve movement in people with osteoarthritis.

A relaxing massage can reduce anxiety, stress and depression. massage has been proven to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This improves your overall feeling of well being and can reduce blood pressure. Massage can also increase levels of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which is great for people suffering from depression.


Woman getting back massage with text detailing Massage offer

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